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2021 bag-ong mobile nga pagpanalipod sa kalikopan sa publiko nga kasilyas aron manguna sa industriya nga trendsetter

Publikasyon nga Oras: 2021-06-01 Views: 70

Toilet is a big issue related to people's livelihood, closely related to everyone's day, and also closely related to the earth's environment that we depend on, so more people are committed to developing and studying more new environmentally friendly mobile toilets, and there are more varieties of environmentally friendly toilets presented in people's vision. Today we will learn about one of them - foam blocking type environmental protection mobile toilets.


Foam blocking type mobile toilets use the foam process to block the odor diffusion process, it has overturned the traditional public toilets in many aspects, so what are the advantages of this environmentally friendly public toilets?

【1】 Pag-inusara sa baho ug pagtangtang sa baho

The use of foam blocking instead of flushing toilets can largely cut down on the dispersal of odors. The fragrant foam covers the excrement, completely blocking the unpleasant odor, other, dirt is not easy to infect the commode, and does not attract flies and insects, supplying people with an excellent and comfortable toilet environment and feeling.

【2】Pagdaginot sa tubig, pagdaginot sa tubig

The basic difference between the foam blocking toilet and the traditional flushing toilet lies in the saving of water resources. This kind of toilet uses harmless special detergent and water to continue generating foam in the commode, covering the inside of the commode, enhancing the lubrication of the pipe, making the excrement slide smoothly, and cleaning the inflow of dirt. It can save more than 80% of water than flushing toilets, and the water saving effect is very obvious, greatly cutting down the use of water resources. Other than that, it has a great advantage of recycling. He can collect and process the hand washing water and flush back the residue of the commode, and can also refill the foam generator to avoid the foam generator to refill water often. Approximate water consumption per capita is less than 03.L.

【3】 Sayon sa pag-operate

Foam blocking toilet equipment and post-use processing are very convenient, no need to catch water, excrement collection and crushing on time discharge, up to 20 meters away directly to the sewage outlet or small septic tank, Yang high 8 meters can be directly discharged. Together, this kind of toilet covers an area of small, cut the construction investment and reduce the operating cost. And the choice of materials is simple mixed building materials, easy to transfer.

【4】 Advanced nga teknolohiya, luwas ug lig-on nga materyal

Foam liquid water tank and foam toilet pipeline have electric heating system, in the cold winter in the north will not present freezing or not foaming phenomenon. The normal service life of the whole single pit is more than 15 years, and the annual maintenance and repair cost is not more than 300 yuan.

【5】Intelihenteng pagkontrol

The foam blocking toilet selects advanced automation programming, full intelligent control, automatic induction control foam system, flushing system, lighting system, exhaust system. Low failure rate, stable operation of equipment, post-maintenance treatment without professional staff, simple operation, truly humane and intelligent. And a toilet daily power consumption does not exceed 4 degrees. Energy saving and environmental protection.

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